The Sword Master (character)
Name Unknown
Gender Male
First appearance The Sword Master

The Sword Master is a minor character who appears in the stories The Sword Master and Punching Above Your Weight. He is a gruff character with a goatee and, presumably, prodigious skill in swordsmanship. In both appearances, he tutors his unassuming Apprentice in unorthodox, but effective, means of combat against much more intimidating opponents. In The Sword Master, he instructs his apprentice to fight one limb of his much larger opponent at a time, leading to the Apprentice's victory. In Punching Above Your Weight, he tells his Apprentice to masturbate to a picture of his opponent until he finds him attractive, in hopes of instigating lustful anger. Unexpectedly, his opponent reciprocates his attraction and they kiss instead of fighting.

About the Sword MasterEdit


It can be assumed that the Sword Master is straight, due to his requiring a month to become attracted to his male apprentice via masturbatory association.

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