The Bandit From The Moment
The bandit orders her minions to attack.





First appearance

The Moment

The bandit from The Moment is an unnamed character that appears first as the leader of gang of bandits in The Moment. She later appears, trying to found an all-girl gang in Naja



The bandit taunts a fellow ice cream patron.

She is a slender girl with long brown hair, worn in a long plait. She has dark eyes, with highly arched eyebrows. She dresses in a short green tunic, with jodhpurs, above the knee boots and a brown cloak. She carries a sword and a dagger. She has a 3-inch scar on her cheek just in front of her left ear, running the length of her zygomatic arch.


She has led her gang on successful raids, and seems to have their respect. She can be vicious, and has murdered during her robberies. She is fond of wordplay.

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