The girl from Good Behavior
Name Unknown
Gender Female
First appearance Good Behavior

The girl from Good Behavior is an unnamed character that first appears in the story Good Behavior, where she appears to be in prison with Vanka as cell-mate. The two of them seemed to enjoy themselves ridiculing the jailer. She later appears again in Consummate where Mistertique fails to tease her and by mistake makes her horny instead.

About the girl from Good BehaviorEdit


She is a slender girl with blonde, somewhat messy hair. She appear to mostly dress in brown leather clothes including a leather coif or kerchief that is tied to the back of her head via hidden laces under her hair.


She appears to be a trickster who takes pleasure in teasing men. In her first three appearances she role played with Vanka in order to torment their jailer, managed to out-tease Mistertique, and trick a man into ejaculating under false pretenses. She has generally been portrayed with an upbeat personality so far.


In Consummate she gets very turned on by the idea of sexual mistakes and by fantasies of clumsiness by a hypothetical sexual partner. Much like Mistertique, she appears to enjoy tormenting her lovers.

List of AppearancesEdit