The king from A Very Deep Chasm
The king in his very first appearance in A Very Deep Chasm





First appearance

A Very Deep Chasm

This page is about a recurring character whose name is not yet known. He is a king who first appeared in the story A Very Deep Chasm.

About the kingEdit



The king sitting in his throne getting to know that the Queen has given birth to a monster in Labyrinth.

It is made clear in A Very Deep Chasm that the king has a daughter. In that story he had set up a challenge to determine who would get the right to marry her. Since a man managed to get around the challenge and then, for impregnating his daughter got sentenced to execution, it is not known whether the king's daughter yet is married.

In Labyrinth he gets informed that the Queen has given birth to a monster. It is implied that this monster then was put in a labyrinth.

In The Automaton the king states that he was a grand master of chess in his youth, but was unable to demonstrate his skill due to the unsportsman like behaviour of the golem he was playing against.


The king has a typical masculine body with blonde hair and facial hair. In the stories where he is seen he is wearing beige clothes with a red cape and crown in gold and red material.


Minotaur theoryEdit

Since it is implied in Labyrinth that the queen's monster child was a put in a labyrinth, and the story Skein features a Minotaur in a labyrinth it could be assumed that the Minotaur would be the queen's child. This would in many aspects be true to the Greek mythology which these comics are referencing.

Monk theoryEdit

The stone on the king's throne is very similar to the stones that the monks in Lapis Lazuli replaced the lapis lazuli with after Vanka had stolen the lapis lazuli. This could be an indication on an connection between the king and the monks, such as that the monks would belong to his kingdom.

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  • In the Alt-text in Labyrinth there is a reference to the mythological greek king Theseus.