The king from Skulls!
The king fighting enemies in Skulls!





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The king from Skulls! is an unnamed character who first appears in the Oglaf story Skulls!

About the kingEdit


The king seems to have very sudden strong desires, such as drink out of a enemy's skull or lie with the duke's wife.


The king is a muscular man with a big purple beard. He wears dark clothes with a cape, a big necklace and a original crown that is mostly in purple. in Moonshine he is revealed to be a genius at interpretive dance.

Abilities Edit


The king inspires his troops through dance in Moonshine.

The king is a strong and capable fighter, as shown in Skulls! He is also an inspiring leader. In Moonshine he is shown to be proficient in interpetive dance.


The only sexual desire the king has had that is known to us is the one for the duke's wife. This desire was satisfied by having sex with his wizard who had been transformed into her. He apparently did not want to have sex with Kronar when he demanded it as a toll in Kronar Takes a Toll, since he then sent his wizard transformed into himself to have sex with him in his place.

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  • The king is called Sire which in the real world is a title used for reigning kings in the United Kingdom and Belgium. The title has been used for kings in many other European countries throughout history too.
  • His role in Cornwalling is loosely based on Uther Pendragon's role in one of the tales of him. The authors explained it like this on TwitLonger: Uther Pendragon fancied the Duke of Cornwall's wife Igraine, so he had Merlin change his form to the Dukes so he could screw her while the real Duke was away. So "Cornwalling" as our title is the act of transforming into the spouse of the one you fancy, in order to sleep with them. HTH!