The Man from Retribution
The Man from Retribution together with the Giraffopede in Atonement.





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The Man from Retribution is an unnamed character who first appeared in the Oglaf story Retribution (hence the usage here). He is the primary character of the Retribution story arc.

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With his parents having frozen to death while roasting chestnuts, this character vowed to destroy winter in Retribution. In Justice he entered the home of the Snow Queen and attempted to kill her by stabbing her repeatedly with a sword. Because of the nature of the Snow Queen, this attack had no effect on her and she mistook the attack as a rough form of foreplay. The Snow Queen was then kind enough to aid the man in his quest for justice by providing him with a map to the Oubliette of Justice (and some cookies). This led to a hero's journey in which the man had a series of sexual encounters with various metaphorical/allegorical beings of the Oglaf universe, including Justice, Enlightenment, Hope, Nostalgia and Regret, and Inevitability, finally coming face to face with the allegory for allegory itself, the Giraffopede, in Atonement. The Giraffopede then directed the man to find Easy Answers, a man in an answer booth who informed him that his parents had faked their own deaths to get rid of him. With this information, the man returned to the Snow Queen to offer his apologies for stabbing her earlier. Before he could leave the Snow Queen's presence however he encountered one final metaphorical being, the Birthday Gibbon.

Later, in Canoe, the man sees himself paddling a pink canoe while having sex with a woman, and suddenly realizes she is really the Giraffopede in disguise.


While initially angry and single-minded, the man from Retribution has been changed by his hero's journey and appears to have become a much calmer individual, being able to take his sexual encounter with the giraffopede in stride.


The man from Retribution appears to bisexual, having had sexual encounters with both male and female metaphorical beings. He has also had a bestial encounter with the Birthday Gibbon, but was an unwilling partner in that encounter.

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