Throwing anus

A Glamazon with her Throwing Anus.

The Throwing Anus, as the Chakram is known in the Oglaf universe, is a weapon shown to be favored by a group of female warriors known as Glamazons in the single-page comic The Glamazon Way.

It is described by one of the Glamazons as an "engulfing weapon," or a "lady weapon," making the association that while "men's weapons" such as the sword is a thrusting weapon and thus similar to a penis, women's weapons should be englulfing or similar to the vagina.

Being as the weapon has not been shown or referred to in other depicted times or places in the Oglaf universe, it is unknown if "Throwing Anus" is the actual term for the weapon throughout the Oglaf universe or if it is the term preferred by the Glamazons as a whole or if it is simply the term preferred by this single Glamazon.