Tristram and Thessaly


Tristram and Thessaly



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The Pig Bride

Tristram and Thessaly are a pair of brothers who are sons of an insane king who first appear in the story The Pig Bride.

Thessaly's name is revealed in The Pig Bride. Tristram's name is not revealed until The Golden Songbird.

About Tristram and ThessalyEdit


In The Pig Bride Thessaly is forced to marry a pig by his father the king while Tristram is forced to marry a whithered corpse. Oddly enough, Thessaly is jealous of this arrangment.

Later, in The Golden Songbird, a fox offers to lead the two men to the golden songbird their father is asking for. Thessaly refuses to follow the fox. Tristram follows the fox, finds the songbird, and is crowned king. Thessaly takes up fox hunting.


Thessaly is a very angry and jealous person who complains a lot.

Tristram seems to be the more reasonable of the two. He is willing to humour his father's madness even when his father requires him to marry a corpse and is willing to accept the assistance of a talking fox.


Both men are presumed heterosexual, although this has not been definitively revealed. Due to their father's madness Thessaly is currently an unwilling zoophiliac and Tristram is an unwilling necrophiliac.

Trivia Edit

"Thessaly" is the name of an ancient Greek city, mentioned numerous times in Ancient Greek lore. "Tristram," on the other hand, is the name of a city in the game Diablo where many events take place. As the Oglaf comics are a strange amalgamation of fantasy/RPG elements and Greek mythology, their relationship could be a complex metaphor for the overarching world that exists in these comics.

There also may be something to Tristram's success vis-a-vis his brother's anger and misfortune. Tristram, a metaphor for RPGs, may allude to a hero's overwhelming and often unlikely success in such games. Thessaly, however, could be a metaphor for Greek mythology where humans are often screwed over by gods and happy endings are not a given. Tristram was also a knight on King Arthurs round table who sometimes went by the name Tramtris and was very musical.

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