True Slut Adventures: Ninth Edition
Title True Slut Adventures: Ninth Edition
Pages 1
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True Slut Adventures: Ninth Edition is a single-page Oglaf story, that was published as part of the Bonus material in Book One. Like the other True Slut Adventures stories, it is done in the style of Vanorva's warning posters about the slut (Ivan) in the Immaculate city story arc. It has not been published on and only exists in paper form.


The story starts with the slut (a graphic representation of Ivan) getting an auto-erotic asphyxiation. A busty woman wearing a corset declares that his doltish meddling has awoken the female orgasm, when what appears to be a clone of the slut appears through a rift in space. The woman appears surprised and yells that she killed him, to which the clone replies that he wanked himself back to life. The clone then ejaculates tiny snakes over the woman who yells "AAAAGG!!! Cunnilingus!". Then the slut and the clone make it to twelfth base.