True Slut Adventures: Saturnalia Edition
Title True Slut Adventures: Saturnalia Edition
Pages 1
Rating -
Publication date December 25, 2011
Good Behavior

True Slut Adventures: Saturnalia Edition, is a single-page Oglaf story in the style of Vanorva's warning posters about the slut (Ivan) in the Immaculate city story arc. It initially appeared on the Oglaf website in December of 2011, but has since been removed. It features a very untrue adventure about Ivan and an unnamed woman.

This story was the first of the True Slut Adventures to be released at Christmas time.



The Love Merchant arrives.

The slut and a woman are sexually aroused while standing under the mistletoe. The slut demands expensive gifts, and the woman tells him one can't buy love. The Love Merchant then crashes through the wall and declares "fucking and eating for everyone!* (*conditions apply)". The slut, the woman, and the Love merchant engage in excessive eating and sex. The slut is also eaten by a tiger and enjoys it. The woman, with distended belly, says that she is totally full and/or pregnant, and the slut, also with a distended belly, enjoys having a turkey on his penis.


Saturnalia was the Roman winter solstice festival that eventually became Christmas.


This story no longer appears on, but can be viewed here.