Umbra Wynterdarque
Umbra Wynterdarque wearing a ring of optimism


Umbra Wynterdarque



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Umbra Wynterdarque

Umbra Wynterdarque is a member of a small group of adventurers with incredibly bad luck. While appearing to be a dark wizard, his posession of a ring of optimism has given him a dissonant air of cheerfulness.

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Surrounded by chasm imps.

Umbra first appears as the titular character in the story Umbra Wynterdarque, where Theanodor, one of his teammates is accidentally killed by a magic wand. While his other teammates express shock and sorrow, Umbra, under the influence of a ring of optimism, assumes Theanodor is still alive and will revive shortly. Later in Rift of Despair when the group is surrounded by chasm imps Umbra again displays a cheerful attitude, pointing out their situation is so bad that any future situations will seem better by comparison. This causes his female teammate to become angry and stab him in the stomach, which Umbra cheerfully takes in stride.


While appearing to be a cleric or dark wizard in gothic dress, with a name suggesting "Shadow-Winter-Dark", Umbra Wynterdarque is surprisingly cheerful. It is unknown whether he is naturally cheerful, or if this is purely due to the influence of the ring of optimism he currently wears.


Umbra Wynterdarque is an underweight average height man with long oily black hair, pale sallow skin, and dark circles under his eyes, indicating prolonged stress, lack of sleep, or general poor health. He wears dark goth style clothing with a black cloak fastened with a chain with a skull in the centre, and wears a belt with a skull belt buckle. He currently wears a ring of optimism on the middle finger of his right hand.


Umbra Wynterdarque's abilities have not yet been shown. However, in Rift of Despair Umbra is shown with no weapons and making an odd gesture with his left hand, suggesting that he is a magic user.

Due to the influence of his ring of optimsim, Umbra Wynterdarque appears to have the ability to remain cheerful and optimistic no matter how dire his current situation is. This may or may not be an asset.

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