Vanka carrying her loot in Lapis Lazuli





First appearance

Lapis Lazuli

Vanka, or Vanka of Brogoria, is a thief and rogue and had her first appearance in the story Lapis Lazuli. She is swift of foot and mind and often uses the promise of her body to escape from sticky situations. Her name was confirmed in the story The Rogue's Arsenal. She also seems to have a side-kick appearing in Lute and Use Item.

About VankaEdit


Vanka generally acts in whatever way that benefits her, and is quite happy to fuck her way past obstacles whenever possible. Unlike Greir, who has similar traits, Vanka has a sense of humour. She will go out of her way to make things more fun, such as giving the prison guard a hand job in Fingers and mocking the warden in Good Behavior. She also seems to be rather self-centered and vain, judging by her reaction in The Rogue's Arsenal when Greir implied that she wasn't as hot as on her wanted poster.




Vanka is a busty and voluptuous woman with long, curly chestnut hair. She wears large hoop earrings and a necklace with a long, pointed pendant, possibly a claw or tooth. Her clothing consists of a long white shirt worn open to reveal her cleavage, nominally held closed by a sash, and a pair of tall boots. She is missing one eye, and wears a pink striped bandana headband draped over it, giving a sultry, piratical effect. Her weapon of choice (other than her sexuality) is a long dagger or a stiletto.


Vanka seems to be sexually opportunistic with no problems about seducing anyone, male or female, that comes along, so long as it furthers her own goals. Her skills are legendary that she in Fingers even relieved a jailer of both his keys and sperm while in a conversation with him on the other side of the cell. In The Rogue's Arsenal she escaped capture by Greir by tricking her into a "trial by fuck," doing the climax of the competition shot ink out of her vagina into Greir's eyes thus dazing her.


Vanka possess over-human deftness, being able to steal the keys and give a hand job to a prison guard without him noticing it. Even though she has this extraordinary ability, she often opts for getting past any obstacles using her sexual skills instead. One item in her arsenal worthy of mention is a pussy trap located in her vagina that shoots ink in order to confuse her enemies.

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