Vocabulary Bear
Two vocabulary bears from a Vocabulary Bears epilogue

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A vocabulary bear is a kind of bear that appears in Oglaf. A vocabulary bear were first seen in Brackenwife, and has since then been featured in another story and in some epilogues. Vocabulary bear is not a confirmed name of the species, another name, which they referred to themselves by, is "magical talking bear prostitutes".

About Vocabulary BearsEdit


Vocabulary bears are a kind of bear, but they differ from other bears in that their heads aren't very well-defined, that they walk and stand upright on their hind legs and that they are capable of speaking just like humans do.


Vocabulary bears tend to stand, sit and move much like a human would do and speak the human language well. Towards humans they seem to act very dominant (Brackenwife) and threatening (Rough Trade). Since they stole a dictionary from humans in Rough Trade they have been seen discussing vocabulary a lot. They all seem to have some kind of relation to the Talking Fox.


Vocabulary Bears have so far only been seen in forests.

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