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The Wish Dolly or Wishing Dolly is a doll made of straw or corn husks that is capable of granting wishes, usually with disastrous effects.

About Wish DollyEdit


Wish Dolly is first seen in Unattainable where a beautiful young woman attempts to proposition a man for sex. However, the woman is so beautiful and refined that the man is too much in awe of her to engage in the act.  In this story Wish Dolly (called "wishing dolly") appears to be an inanimate object as the woman begs it to reverse her wish to be beautiful.

The wish dolly next appears in Laundry Day where it appears as animate and actively taunting a man who had evidently (but not seen) wished to be able to see through clothing, leaving him unable to see clothing at all and unable to dress himself.  The man's attempt to reverse his wish by going back in time was also corrupted by Wish Dolly leaving him with a large white horn on the back of his head (presumably so he can only see through clothing when he is horny, which now means all the time).

Another victim of the wish dolly in Vorpal Blade ends up with a magically enchanted penis that is capable of making any woman orgasm instantly.  Because women orgasm even before he can fully penetrate them, the man is unable to engage in sex himself, and is left unsatisfied.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The wish dolly appears to be a simple doll made of straw or corn husks with either some grain or male corn flowers acting as hair. Two black beads or stones act as eyes.

Like other magical beings who grant wishes, Wish Dolly often causes the wishes to have undesired effects.  Unlike the other beings or objects, the wish dolly creates the negative effect by accurately granting the wish but to an extreme degree.  For example, the woman who wishes to be beautiful does indeed become beautiful but to the point of leaving potential lovers in too much awe of her to have sex with her.  Or the man with the enchanted penis who causes his partners to orgasm instantly but is unable to satisfy himself as a result.  Laundry Day indicates Wish Dolly does this intentionally and gets sadistic amusement from the results.

When Wish Dolly chooses to speak, it seems to enjoy both attempting to entice people into making wishes and mocking them for the unforeseen consequences of their wishes.  It also seems either unable or unwilling to reverse wishes.